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Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 Back at s house…we see the feet of an intruder rummaging through ’s private papers and discovers that has been keeping a secret file on for years, since she was a child. The boots of that intruder leads us to believe it is Franklin. Also, is still dealing with the dead trucker in ’s house. She even tries using Lysol to cover the stench. Finally she rents a chainsaw for the night to dispatch the body, only to discover the body missing!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 In order to combat this new threat, Shikamarus father, Shikaku, comes up with a plan that could be just the help the Allied Shinobi Forces need. While inside the underground hall in the Tonika Village, Naruto, unconscious and strangled by snakes, meets the Nine-Tails again in his subconscious. The Konoha-nin investigates Kabutos intention in the meanwhile. Shiseru remembers an earlier conversation between her and Dokku about the pros and cons of them adopting the kids. While the Nine-Tails tries to control Naruto, Dokku calls him, but gets shouted instead. Dokku asks Naruto what burden a powerful person carries and made Naruto choose the reason why he desires to be powerful, seeing flashbacks of his comrades of Konoha and also Sasuke, leading to the seal inside Naruto to gain strength again.

Dokku gives Naruto his forehead protector, stating that he believes in him. Meanwhile, Leo decides to save their teacher by giving the mysterious iron bars which were Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 mentioned earlier by the Tonika Village Head. While inside the hall, Kabuto, along with two reincarnated puppets, approaches with Disonasu, revealing the village leaders betrayal. Disonasu pulls out a scroll, revealing Saezuri, a mysterious light much to Naruto and Dokkus shock.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 Night falls on the battlefield and Joint Shinobi Army tends to their wounded. Meanwhile, as Naruto heads to the battlefield, the Nine-Tailed Fox attempts to convince Naruto to give up his foolish goal of saving Sasuke by reminding him of the past.

When it appears that Joint Shinobi Army is finally getting an edge in the war, Madara himself enters the fray and summons the Gedo Statue as a distraction. Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 Why does he seek the treasures containing Ginkaku and Kinkaku? Can he be stopped?

When it appears that Joint Shinobi Army is finally getting an edge in the war, Madara himself enters the fray and summons the Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 Gedo Statue as a distraction. Why does he seek the treasures containing Ginkaku and Kinkaku? Can he be stopped?

Darui manages to defeat Ginkaku, but when Kinkaku unleashes the full force of Nine-Tails chakra that he absorbed, the situation begins to look dire. Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 Will the arrival of a secret treasure provide the edge Darui and the others need to stop him?

Kinkaku and Ginkaku appear on the battlefield, two brothers said to have survived inside the Nine-Tailed Foxs stomach. The weapon they carry will absorb any person who speaks their most said word. Can these two resurrected monsters from the Hidden Cloud village be defeated?

When the previous kages are revived by Kabuto, the situation begins to get worse.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 The Nine-Tailed Naruto clone tries to attack Dokku and the orphans, when Might Guy and Rock Lee arrive to repel it. While they fight the beast, Kabuto tries to control it, but to no avail. The rest of Konoha 11 arrive. Team Asuma helps Sakura and Kakashi and Team Kurenai helps Naruto. Tenten and Neji arrive, but are cornered by the reincarnated puppets. Kakashi chases Kabuto. The beast grabs Naruto to absorb chakra, which the Nine-Tails gladly shares. Hinata tries to defend Naruto, but is sent flying. After the beast absorbs Narutos chakra, it grows in size and starts to devastate the Hacho Village, even firing a Tailed Beast Ball in far away, missing Yamato, Sai, Deidara and Hidan who are fighting outside the village. Dokku tries to save Naruto, who is still unconscious. Moments before the beast tramples them, Kabuto summons a snake to swallow both of them alive and retreats.

You can see that he is gaining feelings for Sookie, and it is taking him by surprise.Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 finds his birth family; they spend the day discussing why they abandoned him. His mother is a shifter also, and she was 17 when she gave birth to , while her husband was in prison serving 17 for “a crime he didn’t commit.” His brother is none too happy to suddenly have a new addition to the family. As it turns out, he is a shifter as well and he tricks into shifting into a dog with him to go for a run, when he tries to get hit by a semi-truck. Tommy shifts into a bird and takes flight.

goes back to Fangtasia to get more help from , bringing with her, after their discovery last week of the Operation Werewolf symbol on the dead man. basically only tells her to stay away from the Werewolves, as they are highly trained and funded and very dangerous. starts to cry, asks her not to do that because it makes him feel uncharacteristically human.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 301 and , showing their friendship building, have a drunk, bonding “I Love Ya’ Man” . is driving home when he has to stop at a drug bust. sees a mysterious blonde, then gets distracted by a drug dealer trying to escape. saves the day by tackling him…new career for ??

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